About Me

Hi, I'm Onur Alçay. I was born in Istanbul in 1985 and i currently work in the field of web design. I've been providing web design services using platforms such as WordPress, Wix, and HTML-CSS for 6 years.
Professionalism and On-Time Delivery:
My commitment to my job and my sense of responsibility ensure that I complete my projects on time, without excuses or delays. My focus in my relationships with customers is on ensuring that they are fully satisfied with the service they receive.
Fast and Customer-Focused Work:
I aim to deliver corporate and e-commerce sites as soon as possible and in line with customer requests. I make an effort to produce special solutions for my customers' needs, exceeding their expectations in every project.
Freelance and Agency Collaborations:
In addition to working as a freelancer, I also collaborate with several large agencies. This way, I offer solutions to various customer needs by combining the experiences I've gained in different projects.
You can reach me via social media and WhatsApp to get detailed information about your projects.
I hope we can have the opportunity to work with you and collaborate on realizing your projects.
Thank you.

onur alçay


Pricing Representative. It Will Vary Depending on the Project. Contact Me on Social Media or Whatsapp You can ask all your questions via it.

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